Monday, September 7, 2015

An ode to the sunshine state

Growing up in South East Queensland, I was immersed in the sunny, layed back culture that comes as standard. While I wasn't entirely a typical local of my hometown (The Gold Coast), with pale skin and a love of retro clothing, summer here will always bring with it fond memories. 

Fresh tropical fruit, running over hot roads to hotter sand and hunting down the shady spots in local parks. Growing up in Queensland was a gorgeous thing. 

I've lived in Brisbane for around 4 years now and feel I've come to appreciate the sunshine state even more. Our city is becoming cool. Yes, you heard it here. Cool. We have hipsters, great bands, lots of new live venues and a thriving cafe scene. We've made it. When I travel interstate, I now hear kind words about my home state and am eagerly asked where to get the best food or where they absolutely must visit whilst in town. 

This summer I'm determined to get back to my Queensland roots, and celebrate all things Sunshine. 
With Fleetwood Mac on steady rotation in my old queenslander, I bring you a sunny collection featuring my newest original print and embroidery laden pieces! 

Alice x
PS - Keep an eye out for my new hand woven bags too! 

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