Friday, May 27, 2011

Behind the Scenes : Kerbside Photoshoot

Here's a slightly late look at Tuesdays amazing shoot at Kerbside Bar among the quirky furniture!

(photos : Alice Nightingale + Launa Winship)

Here's a little look at the final results!

Photography by Angela Ferro
Modeled by Rhiannon Bradshaw @ Mirror Mirror Agencies
Clothes by Alice Nightingale
Hair by Nicolas Tardiota
Makeup by Rachel England
Produced by Grace Julia

Keep an eye out for more lovely images from that shoot and I'll be adding more to and

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Camel Capes and Pin Tucks.

The lead up to winter this year has come with a lot of requests for capes in camel or beige. Up until now it's been impossible to find the colour in Queensland, but here we are! I came across the perfect colour this week.

I had initially planned to make capes with slits and pockets at the front (I've had plenty of requests for pockets too) but the end result of this cape has me completely in love with a simple Camel Cape!

Now to the next sneak peek into all new stock from this week - The Little Sparrow Dress!

This beautiful fabric is a 100% cotton delight.

The dress is carefully pin tucked and tailored, I can't wait to show it off. It should be available online next Sunday, so keep an eye out! Here it is -

I'll be posting new market dates and exciting photoshoot news in a few days, have a lovely weekend!


Monday, May 16, 2011

Crochet and Cameras.

Mid-May finds me busy as ever with new stock and rather happy to finally show it off! A big thankyou to my lovely model Steph, who will be popping by every few weeks to help me update

Plenty of crocheting has been going on in the Alice Nightingale studio lately, so I'll be showing that off today too. I've found crochet is the perfect way to feel as though you're still working when you're so sick you can't sew!

Here are my favourites from this weeks Etsy update!

This fabric is so lovely, it's my pick for winter this year. The colour is 'Flesh' but looks light a beige-peach and had a slight sheen to it; so lovely.

Here are my lovely little hand made collars. Each one is individual and made from super soft crochet wool. They're very versatile and so light you forget you're wearing them!

I'm in love with this tapestry fabric. It stays in shape so easily, so these pleats stay perfect!

You can check out the rest of the mid May update here -

On a side note, my wonderful little Ricoh 520m died last week. The poor thing couldn't handle the workload anymore. Here are some photos taken in the summer on it..

He'll be missed.

Till next time! Alice x